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kelsey mckenzie. Formerly stopdreamingandlive. 19 years old. Halifax, Nova Scotia is my hometown and where I currently reside. Ask me anything you wish to know. I'll follow back similar blogs. Follow my Twitter (@kelseymckenzie3) and Instagram (@_kelseymckenzie_) if you wish. I'm completely fucking in love with my girlfriend. black and white. grungy. love. relationships. hopeless romantic. abstract. personal. booze. maryjane. simple yet, terribly complicated. sex. rock and roll. dubstep. modern. broken. inspired. personal quotes. **live, but learn to let go**

We all love someone way too fucking much. (via pusay)

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What are you supposed to do with all the love you have for somebody if that person is no longer there? What happens to all that leftover love? Do you suppress it? Do you ignore it? Are you supposed to give it to someone else? Maggie O’Farrell, After You’d Gone (via feellng)

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